What To Do If You Have Little Time For Your Network Marketing Business

 What should you do when You don’t have enough time for your Network Marketing Business?

Most of the people who start in a Network Marketing business, start on a part-time basis.

hourglass-1109335__340Time is of great value always, however time becomes very precious when we are working our 9-5 and trying to build a Network Marketing business.

Part-time Network Marketers realize very soon after starting their business, they don’t have much time.

They don’t have time after working, getting dinner, taking care of daily task, work, and many other daily task.

So the new Network Marketer will either struggle for a while, become frustrated and quit, or spend lots of money trying to figure out how to get their Network Marketing Business rolling.

So what is a time strapped Network Marketer to do?

This is a key point in our growth to becoming a Network Marketing professional.

When you have the ability and a system, to control your spare time, your well on your way to becoming a network marketing professional. Just admitting you have a time management problem is a step that many people never take.

So you admitted you need a time system.

I remember when I realized, I needed to devote more time to building my Network Marketing Business. I decided to sit at my kitchen table and write out a goal for how many daily contacts I was going to personally contact and invite to view a presentation.

My system was very simple. I worked full time when I started my first Network Marketing Business, so I had a hard time fitting in prospecting calls to potential business builders. I determined I had 1 hour at lunch to call my leads and invite them to view the company video presentation.

I was also able to squeeze in some time making prospecting calls driving to and from work every day, and again when I got home.

When I got home I made it a priority to make at least 20 calls. That doesn’t mean that you need to make that many calls every day.

Daily Routine

Maybe your goal is to make contact and invite 5 people to take a look at your Network Marketing Business. That’s fine. The real key here is finding a number that you can accomplish on a daily basis.

Make sure the quantity of people you call every day is large enough to create some fast results. You can call 2 people per day, however it will take a long time for you to see results going at a slow pace. I’m sure you’ve heard the expression success likes speed, and that applies here also.

When I fist started I was very aggressive so I made 30 contacts per day. Was that an insane amount to do having a family, full time job, and everything else I had on my plate on a daily basis? You bet it was. Was it worth it? Absolutely.

In this post I didn’t want to get into some of the more complex Network Marketing Business time management plans.

If you are just starting, a simple plan of just getting into a daily routine calling your prospects and having a written daily agenda in your planner.

Following a simple plan like this will give you fast results and then you can advance to some of the more advanced methods of time management and CRM programs for your Network Marketing business.

Hope you got some value from this post. If you enjoyed this post please leave a comment.

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